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You're their world, they're your heart

Hi, I’m Jennifer from Pawdacious Portraits, a southeastern Michigan based pet photographer specializing in drool worthy artwork for pet parents.

Do you believe that pets are part of the family?  Because a house isn't a home without a family photo, let's create yours and tell the story of you and your pup. 

Consider me your pup's Auntie Jen - swooping in to give delicious snacks, some smooches, and taking family photos that will make you happy every time you walk by them in your home.

Hi!  I'm Jennifer, the 

human behind the 

camera at Pawdacious 

Portraits, living the #BigDogLife

Formerly a trained wine sommelier turned professional pet photographer, I am chief butler to our crew of dogs and cats (and occasional foster).  I love animals, travel, photography, wine, and gardening. Any combination of at least 2 and I'm in!

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As a wine expert I can tell you don’t save your wine for a “special day”. Not all wine is made to age. And seriously, who wants to wait that long? Make any day a special occasion and enjoy it!

Personally, I am pairing my “good” wine with pizza, Wanda Vision (actually getting caught up on all the Marvel movies so I can understand Wanda Vision even more), and the pups on the couch.

It’s the same with photographing pets, don't wait for a certain date….yes, we can do birthday/adoptiversary cake smashes and senior legacy sessions, of course! But capture the moments in between, too. 

We'll make your photoshoot a fun adventure and showcase your pet in artwork that you can enjoy every day. 
Specialized professional pet photographer serving southeastern Michigan – Oakland, Washtenaw, Livingston, Wayne, and Monroe counties. 
My personal goal - a pet photoshoot in every state in the US (except Texas, I personally won't step foot or spend money in Texas with the current legislation designed to keep registered voters from voting and women from making decisions about their own bodies) .  Plus one international session per year.
Total as of 2021 - 9 states, 4 international