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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend an Instagram group meet up at the Swift Run dog park in Ann Arbor.  The event was put together as part of the Dogs of the Mitten Instagram group, run by Chance (the double dood). I’d already been following many of these dogs’ antics on IG for a while so it was fun to see them, actually be able to pet them, and get to know some of the humans behind the profiles. (I did feel a bit like a fangirl!)  Dog people are the best!

A golden doodle mix holding a toy at the Swift Run dog park  

There are lots of action shots here since the pups were all about running around with their new friends.  Most had no interest in sitting down for a portrait when there was shenanigans to be had! And I don’t blame them.  I love action shots anyway, and at most of my formal portrait sessions the dogs are on a leash for safety so this made a nice change of pace.

A border collie mix runs happily with a tennis ball in a dog park

It can be difficult to get the clean backgrounds that I love when shooting at a dog park, so these are a combination of using a long telephoto lens and some serious behind the scenes editing.

A corgi runs towards the camera in full sunlight at an Ann Arbor dog park

If you want some great dog photos to fill your Instagram feed I highly recommend that you follow these adorable pups:

@dogsofthemitten – a great place to keep up to date on the next meet up!

@champ_the_doubledood – the most boopable nose out there.

@goodboyclub_  – besides a charming name, this account will give you your corgi fix.

@subiloon – a beagle mix that will take you along on all her adventures, buckle up.

@thecharlieadventures – this Chow Chow will steal your heart!  You’ve been warned…

@enz0bella – two adorable pups.  You can even ask Enzo questions in an advice column.

@elbow_berghuis – this little rescue pup will crack you up!

@levibluedood – so much adorableness wrapped in a little package!

@ripley_theborderaussie – don’t let your dog see this IG feed or it will also be asking for daily trips outside.

@twocatsandanewf – I may be a little prejudiced since I have two myself, but Newfs are amazing!  And this one is will keep you entertained.

@life_of_laila_ – a sweet pitbull mix, and she always has a smile on her face.

A mixed breed rescue dog plays at the dog park in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Okay, these technically aren’t IG accounts of specific dogs, but they did support the Dogs of the Mitten meet up with all kinds of goodies so I like to share the love:

@bentleyspetstuffannarbor – all kinds of good stuff for pets in Ann Arbor.

@chronicallyperserving_instyle – bandanas for the fashion forward dogs, plus a donation to service dogs!

@thebrownbasset  – yummy treats for your pups, in Chelsea

@PawdaciousPortraits – that’s me!!  Specializing in custom portraits of your favorite family members….your pets!  At your home or in a park


There are other Dogs of the Mitten accounts that you can follow, I apologize if I’ve missed anyone from the Sept meet up.  There are more images available on the Pawdacious Portraits’ Facebook page.

Does your dog have an Instagram account that we can follow?  
If so, leave it in the comments.  If not, why not? Give me a call to set up a pet portrait session to create some amazing images to get started! 

A beagle mix and a german shepherd dog running at full speed through the grass of a dog park in Michigan