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Photo Session

You might want to grab the tissues for this one, though I promise it has a story book ending. Athena is your typical pibble – affectionate, playful, a little bit silly and, ahem, not the most graceful dog. Okay, she’s a bit of an exuberant klutz. But I only say that because I feel like she’s a bit of my spirit animal in that sense, and her mom described her as being like Phoebe from “Friends”.

If you could see Athena running in her yard or watching over the neighborhood from her perch on the couch, you would never guess that this poor girl spent an entire year at a Michigan animal shelter. A whole year in a cage. And she almost didn’t get out. Due to shelter restrictions Athena was only going to be released to an animal rescue group, the general public could not go into the shelter and adopt her. But she was one of the lucky ones in the end, she stole the heart of a dog rescue volunteer and now she is living happily ever after. And her mom is making up for all of that lost time with trips to the dog park, lots of squeaky toys, treats, and affection.

Since Athena loves to hang out on the couch that’s where we spent the most time. It took her a little while to warm up to the camera and start showing off her toy chewing skills, but I expect that and gave her time to relax.   My goal with this session was to capture Athena being her silly self. It’s hard to believe that this sweet pup has gone through so much, and I wanted to create images that showcase how happy she is now, without a shadow of the past. I love knowing that anyone who sees these images of Athena are only going to see the joy that she has found in her new home.  This is her story and I’m thrilled to share it.

Does your dog have a Cinderella story?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.